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egl_addme's Journal

EGL Add Me
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This community is currently under construction and as such the rules may be subject to change.

Hello and welcome to egl_addme. This is an add_me style community for the members of egl and its various sub-communities.

This community is for intro posts, friending memes and the like.

Rules and posting guidelines:

- Please only post about personal journals. Journals other than your main one are ok (ie, if you have a travel journal or a separate lolita/fashion related journal you think people might be interested in ), but don't advertise communities here.

For now I'm going to allow posts looking for people to add off lj (ie, msn, fb, whatever) but if this causes problems I may retract this in the future.

- Try to limit the amount of personal information, even if your post is member locked. Remember that this is the internet and not everyone viewing your post may have the best intentions.

- Cut your post if it is very long or has giant images. I'm going to expect you to use your own judgment with this, if your post is big enough that it would be under a cut on EGL it should be here too.
For memes please put the entire meme under a cut with a subject explaining it is a meme.

- Don't be an ass to other people for no reason. If someone asks if you want to add them and you don't either be polite about why or just don't reply at all. If I see people deliberately causing drama there will be bans.

If you are having a problem with anything please contact someone on the moderator list below.